Hey friends, I'm katy

Im your not-so-average , friendly, silly neighborhood photographer ( + beyond, don't worry I love a good adventure) - Im here to create art , something from the heart and out of the ordinary! I have a real jive for diving deep into who my clients are and making my sessions as personal as we can - the most genuine moments are hidden in comfort and the messy moments of life. If you're ready to feel natural and beautiful in front of the camera - you're in the right place, welcome.

Lover of all things vintage/retro, shiny and colorful - But also lover of rainy days and moody neutrals. I'm a people person and nothing is ever too weird or out of the norm for me , lets create that vision thats been living in your head rent free! Looking for some new confidence , LETS GO BABY - Head over to the boudoir page on my site and request to view some of my albums!

I have been photographing along the Gulf Coast for 10+ years - I recently rebranded and have poured my heart and soul into my craft. My dad bought me my first camera when I was 14 and I haven’t been able to put them down since. He is a big reason in why I even pursued this career - I'm so glad he believed in me cause I love it here! A lot of people ask me what my "why" is - and its simple, the hard work and dedication my dad put into his craft ,passed down to me. At the end of the day its all hard work and love. - I do what I do , because I love creating something you can tell was made with love + my clients value that.

KH Studios Photography is an LGBTQ+ ALLY and inclusive to all races and humans

I am so glad you're here, lets do the dang thing!



Mamas are beautiful and its important to capture the transformation of your life and body - Beautifully documented on location or in studio

Client closet maternity gowns and hair and makeup available



Couples, Engagements , Weddings and everything in between - we work with lovers and document their unique stories

I want to get to know you so well that these sessions are so carefully and perfectly curated , and guaranteed unique to each story


Lifestyle & Boudoir

You deserve to celebrate every achievement and milestone you endure.

On location or in studio



Capture those sweet memories to pass down for generations to come - Lifestyle newborn and Baby packages available

Any location or in studio

Lifestyle storyteller

Capturing light, feelings & moments....

 I understand the significance of documenting my clients throughout their sessions with meticulous attention to detail and a personal connection. Detailed client documentation plays a vital role in preserving memories and creating an exceptional experience for each individual. By paying close attention to every aspect, from facial expressions to body language, I am able to capture authentic emotions and tell unique stories through my lens.


“I ADORE Katy. She has been an amazing photographer through and through.
Our engagement session was first, and she captured our love in a pureness that I’ve never seen in pictures before. You can FEEL our love and our passion radiating out of those pictures ; When she took my wedding pictures, she was my biggest source of peace for that day. She makes me feel beautiful time and time again.”

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